myLawyer is a great example of a business who have used technology to ensure they remain agile in their industry.

Their idea to expand the reach of their business started as an online matchmaking service. The purpose was to make it easier for businesses and individuals to have direct access to the right legal expert in a wide range of specialisations. This was a brilliant idea and broke down the barriers to entry in what can feel like a complicated and daunting industry.

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We tackled the digital brief in two halves. We started by building a search driven website that helps clients to easily and quickly identify lawyers with expertise in a particular area, view their profiles and contact them directly. We also designed and developed a custom-built CRM to support a bespoke call centre for telephone enquiries. This helps agents to take enquiries, record the necessary data and manage the associated workflow to support each customer, ensuring that they get the very best experience with myLawyer.

The business took off quickly and we helped to drive even more efficiency by building an app dedicated to the lawyers. The app allowed them to connect, work together and communicate securely, helping them to deliver the best service possible. The app is a continuous cycle of development with us working on regular new releases and additional features to ensure that myLawyer continues to stay ahead.

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