The Olamalu impact pledge

At Olamalu, we don’t see ourselves as a standalone business, busying away at what we do best. Instead, we are passionate about reaching out and giving time and energy to local causes which tug at our heart strings and make us stop and think about the focus of our energies.

First and foremost we believe wholeheartedly and passionately in developing the next generation. Our industry is all about shaping the future and is one of the fastest growing sectors on the planet. We understand that experience is everything, so Olamalu pledges to offer work experience placements and apprenticeships to young people every year. We have created a tried and tested structured programme where we give our students support, guidance and training to develop their technical skills. We back this up by working closely with local colleges and secondary schools and attending careers events armed with useful career guides for young people. This is a whole team effort involving everyone from the very newest on the team to the directors.

Secondly, we pledge to work hard to promote a more diverse workforce in our industry. We will encourage young people of all backgrounds, ethnicities and gender who are interested in web technology to get started on their careers through our work with schools. Within our own team, we commit to creating an environment where every member of the team feels respected, is able to give of their best and is encouraged and helped to develop their full potential. We look to make the most of the unique experience, values, way of thinking, knowledge and insights that each team member brings. We are at our best as a team when we use these fully.

Thirdly, we will continue to build on the in-kind support we have given, especially by helping to boost the online presence of selected charities, particularly those focused on education and skills and community engagement. We will nuture long-term partnerships to help these charities succeed. We will promote employee volunteering amongst our young and vibrant team, with a focus on skills-based volunteering. We will encourage and support them to use their technical skills and business skills to make our communities better places to work and live.

Finally, we pledge to continually look for ways to be a more environmentally sustainable business. We will consider sustainability when making purchasing decisions and will seek opportunities to improve and promote energy conservation, advocate recycling and waste minimisation, reduce pollution and support positive initiatives to improve the environment.