How We Do it

The ‘how’ is what makes us different. We know there are a wealth of web technology experts out there, but it’s our care-centred approach that sets us apart from the rest.

The Olamalu way

Over the past decade, we’ve fine-tuned an approach and process which sees us:

  • Work collaboratively with every client.

  • Deep dive into every brief to understand what’s really required.

  • Put brilliant customer service in the heart of project delivery, creating a warm, friendly and positive climate from which we and the client both thrive.

  • Look at every solution with an eye on the future to ensure it will be a long-term investment in the client’s organisation.

We’ve got your back

We offer hosting and security packages, as well as a range of customer care options to handle any future tweaks, updates and to give ongoing expert advice.

The world of Olamalu
Technical Excellence

We offer practical solutions using the best technology available globally.

Constant innovation

We are continually learning to keep our knowledge and operations cutting edge.

Investment in our people

We invest heavily in training our team and giving them opportunities to grow.

Investment in our community

We’re passionate about giving back to our local community through apprenticeships and work experience placements. We support several charities where we give our time, expertise and resource.

"Here at Olamalu, it's an important part of who we are to reach and support others in the community in which we live and work. The next generation are an important focus for us. We do as much as we can to open doors for young people."

Team Olamalu