Who we are

2009 is the year that we took the plunge. We left our secure corporate careers with global giant GE and decided to go it alone. It felt like it was now or never. And so, it became the now.

Now was the right time to create our own world, to build the business that had been bubbling away in the back of our minds. A business which reflects who we are and what we stand for.

Olamalu was born

Before we go any further, let’s shed some light on our unusual name. Olamalu is the name we gave to a magical tree which was the subject of the bedtime stories that we conjured up for our children when they were young. From the off, we wanted our business to really reflect us. Olamalu was a part of us, of our family and we wanted to give it the opportunity to live on beyond the bedtime stories and into the centre of our world.

Our business, our way. How refreshing.

With the name in place, we started to realise our dream. We both loved to problem solve. It’s how we are wired up as people – an innate need to solve a challenge, reach a solution, help to make things better. Marry this with our thirst for and understanding of technology and our excitement at how it can act as the enabler to solve such challenges and…bingo! We had the recipe for our business.

Starting small in an office in our house, we soon started to expand, taking on one developer and then another and another until we outgrew our little office. Today our team of developers, designers and a business analyst work their magic from our offices in the centre of Witney - a beautiful, historic wool town a stone’s throw from Oxford.

Like any tree, Olamalu has benefited from us giving it the attention in needs to grow and indeed thrive. This hasn’t always been easy but we pride ourselves on running a business with our values at the very core of everything that we do and it’s these values that we use to run, nurture and grow our business and its people. It’s important to us that Olamalu is part of something bigger and gives back to the community in which it exists. We sponsor causes close to our hearts, get actively involved in setting up and running local partnerships where we share knowledge and experience with like-minded organisations and we create opportunities for young people to gain a valuable insight into the tech industry through the work experience and apprenticeship schemes we’ve created.

A decade later, we stand beneath the Olamalu tree, still excited by solving problems, really caring about what we deliver, the customer we deliver it for, our incredible team and the inspiring industry that we operate in. Long may it continue.

P.S. If you're interested in joining our team, do take a look at careers with Olamalu.