What we do

We help organisations to work better through our clever use of technology. We build websites, intranets, apps and can solve unique business challenges. We work with clients every step of the way to deliver tech solutions which meet today's needs, but are also flexible enough for the future.

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We’ve been building websites for a very long time. We have experience under our belts to know what works and the technological expertise to understand the future. We’ll help you to best convey the messages you want to communicate on the web, but most importantly we don’t build for the short term. We spend the time with you up front to really understand your organisation and you. This important early step means that we deliver a website that has staying power. Talk to us about your website.


The best apps deliver a specific service such as supporting an event with booking/maps/info, or act as a pure communication tool e.g to carry podcasts, give advice etc. If you have a specific brief, we can work with you to make your app a reality. Or, if you are at the ideas stage, we can help you to work out if you need an app and, if so, what features it carries to deliver the benefits you need to fulfil your objective. Talk to us about your app.


There can be a lot to think about when delivering an intranet. Starting with what information and services it should offer such as: document libraries, room booking, schedules or timetables, event calendars, HR policies and much more. Intranets often need to link to other systems to provide extended functionality and access levels need to ensure the right people can see the right things. Design needs to be carefully considered so that it fits with external branding and, as with all websites, security is a key element throughout. We’ve built a wide range of intranets for an extensive portfolio of different clients. Talk to us about your intranet.

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We understand that not all technology requirements fit into one box. Our consultancy offering sees us undertake a wide variety of different technology projects every year. We’ve built complex intranets, solved the headache of different access levels, integrated new websites to existing back-end systems, made sense of complicated booking systems and more. Each solution was tailor made to solve each challenge, but the common threads through all our work are our warm and collaborative approach, and robust security measures. Talk to us about your brief.


Once a website has been built, there are a few weeks of settling in. However, we don’t like to leave it there. Our experience tells us that over the months and years that you enjoy your website, there will be the odd techy niggle that needs to be solved. As your organisation evolves, you may want to add functionality and/or refresh certain pages. None of this is a problem, and we offer a range of customer care packages for different needs and budgets, all of which take the stress away and ensure that you continue to get the best from your website. Talk to us about customer care packages.


The famous African proverb ‘It takes a village to raise a child’ holds very true in our hearts. Since we started our business a decade ago, we knew from day one that we didn’t want to exist in a bubble. We wanted to reach out and support the community in which we were building our business. We focus our community efforts in 3 different areas:

The next generation. To succeed in our industry, you have to always be looking ahead, so giving young people inspiration, advice and practical commercial skills through work experience felt like a natural area to focus our community efforts. We’ve built strong relationships with local schools and colleges and have helped dozens of young people through our careers advice, our apprenticeship scheme and our range of short term work experience and intern placements.

Other local businesses. Connected by geography, but joined by our values. We were founding members of WOBA (West Oxfordshire Business Awards) which encourages local businesses to enter the awards and celebrate their achievements, as well as meet like-minded people. Now in its tenth year, WOBA is going from strength to strength and is a key date on the West Oxfordshire Business Calendar.

Charities. We’ve worked with a range of local charities over the past decade. We’ve served on several boards as trustees and offer advice, time and our technical services to help them to maximise their efforts.

If you’d like to know more:

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"The Olamalu team were incredibly hard-working and very easy to work with. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them. They were incredibly supportive at every stage of the way and encouraged us to think more boldly about what we wanted to do; managed the development and technical build smoothly; and were quick and responsive to our queries – and sympathetic if we didn’t ‘get it'."

Caroline, Communications Manager