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Monday to Friday is a website which advertises weekday rentals. It was one of the very first businesses to establish a market for renting Monday to Friday, helping workers to banish or significantly reduce long commutes and for homeowners to make some additional cash without the need to take on a full-time lodger.

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The business first started in the early 2000’s and was the idea of two commuters who were fed up with the long and often arduous commute from Oxfordshire to London.


We first met with Monday to Friday in 2015, helping them to re-build their early website and establish two clear halves to the site to reflect the dual audience of potential landlords and potential lodgers. We built a robust data base to support the site and an easy process for landlords to register, upload their advert and photos and pay a fee to do so. We also established a clear search facility using mapping data and different filters to allow potential lodgers to easily find and compare the different rooms available to rent.


Working with a marketing and communications expert, we also helped Monday to Friday to establish two tiers of packages for home owners – a standard package which advertised their spare room on the website for 6 months or an enhanced service which included advertising on social media and photos featured on the homepage of the website. A monthly blog helped to introduce editorial style content to the site and regular posts on social media helped to further drive up reach and awareness of the business.


Five years on and we’ve recently re-designed the website and established a vibrant new look. The website feels warm and approachable and remains easy to navigate, clearly defining which audience goes where from the outset. Nearly twenty years old, Monday to Friday is a great example of how simple ideas can stand the test of time when they are delivered through cutting edge technology.


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