Faculty of History Cambridge

The highly respected Faculty of History at Cambridge with more than 100 researchers and fellows, over 200 undergraduates and more than 400 post-graduates is a dynamic community and one of the largest history departments in the world.

Recent brief for a fresh new website
Relationship description

A top to bottom rethink of the website with a focus on ease of use and a crisp modern feel

University faculty, department or institute

Faculties, departments and institutes have diverse user groups and complex navigational needs.

Key functionality
Mobile responsive
In-depth navigation
User research
A beautiful site with a clear and interlinking wayfinding system

The department's research covers a wide range of subjects from ancient to modern history, world history to political thought.

Our brief was to design and build a website which took into consideration multiple audiences with different needs, a large amount of information and a complex navigational journey to other linked websites and back again.

We started with a focus on the graduate and undergraduate decision journey. This audience needed course information displayed in an attractive but concise manner. They also needed an information architecture that helped them to dig deep into the details, but then easily find their way back when they are done.

This ability for a user to navigate out into other parts of the university’s ecosystem of inter-related websites, but be able to return quickly and easily was an overriding factor in this project - and one of our biggest challenges. We solved this by designing a special instrument which effectively holds the users’ hand, providing clear navigational cues as they move between different websites in search of specific information, but ensuring they are clear on where they are and more importantly, how to get back.

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