Reuters Institute, Oxford

The Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism explores the future of journalism worldwide and seeks to build better and more sustainable journalism for the future. Through its evidence-based, independent analysis of the issues facing journalism the institute runs leadership programmes to help news media leaders to benefit from the latest research and best practices. It also hosts journalists from all over the world, facilitating the exchange of ideas and offering the opportunity to undetake relevant in-depth research.

Ongoing Drupal support
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We collaborate closely to enhance pieces of their site step-by-step

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Faculties, departments and institutes have diverse user groups and complex navigational needs.

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Using our deep Drupal expertise to transform an existing site

The institute approached us for help with their existing Drupal website which, like many organisations, they were finding inflexible and hard to manage. We were recommended to them as a company with deep Drupal expertise who could transform their site. This resulted in an ongoing collaboration to enhance pieces of their site step-by-step. 

We kicked things off with a new homepage, one that gave them the flexibility they needed to quickly upload news stories, easily promote fellowship and media leadership programmes and seamlessly manage all content including their latest research.

This gave the institute the start they needed and we moved on to other parts of the site: enhancing the news page, developing a new style of events listing, creating a video view and an advanced page layout. We’ve also designed a new research page and implemented a new site menu.

Hot off the press: Some time has passed since we first started working our expertise on the site, so we have just finished a refresh to our original work on the homepage.

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