Pathways for Prosperity

The Pathways for Prosperity commission was established in 2018 to investigate the question of how the digital age can benefit the world's poorest people. It is predicted that 3 billion people will still be offline in 2023, denying global inclusivity of the benefits that the digital age can bring.

Research lifecycle
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From initial web presence to presenting the final toolkit.

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Helping to build digital inclusivity in the developing world

The aim of the commission is to help and enable the governments of developing countries to navigate digital pathways and chart their own pathways for prosperity. The commissioners behind the project drew on diverse group of talent from government, the private sector - including Melinda Gates and academia and was hosted and managed by Oxford University's Blavatnik School of Government. 

Our involvement with Pathways for Prosperity was throughout the entire research life cycle and our job was to:

  • Build a website to present their ground-breaking work.

  • Help bring to life their incredible research through digital animation. 

  • Enable them to showcase individual stories from around the world on how they live their digital lives. 

  • Build a dedicated section for the Digital Economy Toolkit. 

The commission's final report identified clear opportunities for digital transformation in developing countries. Work is now underway to establish a new research programme called Digital Pathways at Oxford.

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