Oxford Department of International Development

Ranked as top for research excellence, The Oxford Department of International Development (ODID) is highly respected across the globe.

With a core of academic staff, the department hosts research groups investigating pressing world issues along with a diverse group of postgraduate students, working on research-led programmes. Their collective aim is to influence the theory, analysis and practice of development worldwide to the benefit of disadvantaged people and countries and to support international and local institutions.

Ongoing support and development
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We have built a multi-functional website and an intranet for internal use

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Key functionality
Filterable research and people listings
Building a digital presence for a world class thinker

ODID needed a multi-functional website to support their important work and so we worked with them to map out their digital needs, developing an easy to use but technically brilliant site which hosts information on courses, presents research findings and in-depth publications, displays profiles of academics and researchers, communicates events, and contains a dedicated alumni section.

We’ve recently developed an intranet for ODID and were able to turn it around very quickly, launching it in time for use during the COVID-19 lockdown.

Check out ODID here

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