Campion Hall, Oxford

Campion Hall is the Jesuit home and a centre for research and graduate learning at The University of Oxford. This is a unique place, combining the intellectual and educational traditions of both Oxford and the Jesuits.

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A new website that that beautifully captures their history, tradition and values

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Developing a new website for a unique Oxford institution

Graduate students from all around the world enjoy a rich experience at Campion Hall forming an international community with a shared motivation to serve “all things human”.

We were thrilled to receive the brief to design and develop Campion Hall’s new website. We began by delving into the story of Campion Hall, through interviews and discussions, understanding their history, their evolving role at the university and what that meant for them now and in the future.

This work inspired a narrative that fed through into a design that beautifully captures their history, tradition and values and life at Campion Hall. This in turn gives the site an elegant balance between structure and flexibility which enables the Hall’s communications manager to present everything from their impressive art collection to real life stories of scholarship.

A rich journey through the collegiate experience intertwines with the research work being done at Campion Hall and seamlessly links to the Laudato Si’ Research Institute with its own site and design that reflects back on that of Campion Hall.

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