Merton College, Oxford

At over 750 years old, Merton is one of Oxford’s oldest colleges with a rich and fascinating history. Eminent Mertonians include Sir Andrew Wiles, the mathematician who solved Fermat’s last theorem, J.R.R. Tolkein, author of the Lord of the Rings, and Sir Thomas Bodley, founder of the Bodleian library.

7 year relationship
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We have a long-standing relationship with Merton working on several projects

College website

College websites have multiple audiences each with specific needs and a wealth of information to display

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Showcasing 750 years of history in a 21st century way

We’ve had the pleasure of working with Merton for over 7 years, with the first project being to modernise the college website. As an Oxford college, Merton has multiple audiences for its website, including potential applicants, researchers, alumni, current students and fellows. The challenge is to develop a site that satisfies the needs of these stakeholders and allows for a large amount of information to be displayed in a way that is easy to navigate, creating rich and interesting pages with helpful links for deeper content.

As we worked together, it became clear that there was a need to better communicate to the internal college community. To meet this need, we developed the Merton intranet,  allowing users to access college information, submit maintenance requests and capture data via webforms, all protected behind single-sign-on. It also allows the college to provide a central portal for onboarding information for new students.  For the 750th anniversary, we implemented a bespoke platform allowing alumni to share stories and images, celebrating their association with the college. Since then,  we’ve continued to work together closely, upgrading both website and intranet for mobile usage, adding e-commerce functionality and enabling a dynamic display screen at the college lodge.

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