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Oxford Archaeology is a charitable organization dedicated to conducting rigorous archaeological investigations and producing valuable research outcomes for both their commercial partners and the communities they serve. As one of the largest research-led archaeology organizations in Europe, boasting offices in Oxford, Cambridge, and Lancaster, they have established themselves as leaders in their field.

Recognizing the need to showcase their significant growth in recent years, Oxford Archaeology approached our team to develop a website that effectively conveyed their accomplishments. The primary challenge we encountered was to design a website that encompassed two distinct yet essential aspects. Firstly, it had to exude professionalism, reflecting the company's high standards and expertise. Secondly, it needed to evoke a sense of local community involvement, outreach, and engagement, emphasizing Oxford Archaeology's commitment to fostering connections with diverse audiences.

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Oxford Archaeology reached out to us looking for a reliable and local web technology partner

Charitable business

Charitable businesses need a web presence that aligns to their commercial goals whilst emphasising the work that they do in the charitable sector.

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Enhancing Online Presence for Oxford Archaeology

The primary objective of this project was to create a website that would effectively cater to both commercial clients and local communities, while also streamlining the content management process. By employing a thorough discovery phase, leveraging our expertise, and fostering close collaboration, we were able to transform Oxford Archaeology's old website into a dynamic and user-friendly platform that aligned with their visual, functional, and usability requirements.

To gain a comprehensive understanding of Oxford Archaeology's goals and requirements, we conducted an in-depth discovery phase. During this phase, we engaged with key stakeholders within the organization, conducting interviews to gather valuable insights. This process allowed us to develop a solid foundation for comprehending their priorities and operational dynamics. Consequently, we were able to refine our design approach, ensuring that it resonated with Oxford Archaeology's unique identity.

Using the insights obtained during the discovery phase, we embarked on a narrative design process in collaboration with Oxford Archaeology. This approach facilitated the creation of a website design that not only met their functional needs but also provided an opportunity for self-reflection. Something that we all struggle to make time for!

Given the paramount importance of content presentation and user experience for Oxford Archaeology, we drew upon our extensive expertise to design a logical sitemap and structure for the website. By integrating the insights gained from the earlier phases, we curated the site structure in a manner that facilitated intuitive navigation and enhanced the overall user journey. This approach ensured that both commercial clients and local communities could access relevant information effortlessly.

“As a charitable organisation with several target audiences, developing a new website was a very daunting process. However, Olamalu brilliantly guided us through it all with professionalism and skill. From the tendering phase, we were impressed that the team at Olamalu put a lot of effort into getting to know us and really understand not only our work but also our ambitions and direction of travel as a company." - Maria, Oxford Archaeology

Through close collaboration with Oxford Archaeology, we were able to expedite the development process while maintaining a high standard of quality. In the short span of six weeks, we transformed the initial design into a fully functional website that fulfilled all visual, functional, and usability requirements. Notably, we implemented advanced features such as multi-site search, enabling users to access diverse information across the platform.

Throughout the project, Oxford Archaeology proved to be an exceptional partner, displaying professionalism and commitment. The close collaboration between our teams contributed significantly to the successful outcome. Moving forward, we eagerly anticipate continuing our collaboration with Oxford Archaeology, as we strive to further enhance their online presence and meet their evolving needs.

Check out the Oxford Archaeology website here

"During the building phase, the team at Olamalu were absolutely brilliant: they steered us through the process with a confident and positive approach; any questions or request for small tweaks from our side were always welcomed and acted upon quickly; the team proactively suggested changes during the process to better adjust the website to our needs. Thanks to Christoph, Will and James, we were able to stick to a very tight timeline and build a website that looks very fresh and is easy to use both for the admins and the users.”

Maria, Oxford Archaeology
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