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Ocea UK is a part of the European Ocea Group based in Belgium that manufactures and specialises in automated swimming pool covers. With over 20 years of experience, Ocea UK was looking to expand their product range within the UK leisure industry. The challenge for us was to create a website that was versatile enough to handle the new product range whilst capturing a premium feel.

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Ocea UK reached out to us looking for a reliable and local web technology partner


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When Ocea UK first approached us we were immediately excited by the prospect of working with a premium commercial client. Their enthusiasm and energy towards the new product line rubbed off on us and made the design challenge a really exciting one to work on.

We engaged the client through a detailed discovery phase where we discussed the products in great detail from the technical aspects through to Ocea UK's customers. With all of this information, we were able to drill down into the nitty gritty side of developing a brand new website for a commercial client. We reviewed the current user experience for site users and immediately developed ideas to help combat some of the pain points.

With a new product line comes a new marketing approach. This is where we worked with our long-time collaborator Emma Nickson who runs Brand Brain Consulting. Emma has vast experience within the marketing sector and her expertise was so valuable in the project. Ocea UK was able to develop confidence that their new products would be a major success from the start through Emma's social media strategy work and brand development.

Working with any premium brand the presentation of content is incredibly important. We aimed to capture this luxury feel through smooth animations mixed in with a decadent colour palette of Farrow & Ball-esque colours. Our developers were excited to work with Greensock to develop the animations we see today on the site. Photography and imagery were also key to bring the products to life. We designed spaces with the capacity to let these images and videos do the talking.


Check out the Ocea UK website here

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