Unleash the power

Do you have a website, but have reached a point at which it’s not quite working for you?

Perhaps your business has evolved over the years since you’ve had your website and it no longer reflects who you are? Or maybe you are struggling to change something as vital as content and layout? Is the ongoing administration too difficult? Bits which should be automated aren’t, and the whole thing feels laborious. Or perhaps it’s a heady mix of all of these, and you are left feeling frustrated and disappointed?


You are not alone. We meet with lots of business who are in this boat and are often amazed at how long people have put up with this situation. Their request is usually the same – ‘we want something that looks great and works!’


The answer really is - you need to start again. Technology has often moved on so much in the time since the site was built, as have the objectives of the site, that it really is the best way to approach it. By starting again, you can really unleash the power of the web for your business.


Your little piece of the internet actually holds some great powers that should really be unleashed.


Your website is a communication tool. It tells your potential customers who you are and what you do and allows them to enter your world from wherever they are. It should be part of your wider marketing communication strategy and, to get the most from it, you should be actively driving an audience to your site through social media and up to date content.


Once there, the experience on your website should reflect the brand values of your business or organisation through the use of style, colour, tone, messaging and content. The user should come away with a real understanding of what you are all about and why they should use you.


Your website offers a raft of opportunities for you to talk to, support and build a relationship with your customer - it really is a power waiting to be unleashed, so what are you waiting for?


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We are Olamalu, web technology experts based in West Oxfordshire. We have years of experience designing, building and hosting websites for a broad range of industries using Drupal technology. We are a friendly team who are passionate about using technology to solve business challenges and deliver our solutions through excellent customer service and offer ongoing support packages. www.olamalu.com

September 2017