Let’s help to make the future bright…

Happy New Year to you all. Olamalu are back at HQ and raring to get going on 2015!

We love this time of year - the chance to shape the year ahead, to look at our goals and ambitions and to get the team fired up.
Shaping the future and making things better is intrinsic in the world of technology - it’s our lifeblood. This is why we are so passionate about providing the opportunity for a better future for the next generation.
Every year we take on apprentices from local colleges to work with us. We offer technical training and a wealth of experience in all the things related to our business such as programming, building websites, creating apps and exposure to the technical consultancy that we do. We also guide and nurture our apprentices in the all-important soft skills such as: how to take notes in meetings, organising an effective ‘to do’ list, liaising with clients and understanding the challenges and joy that being in business can bring.
It takes dedicated time on both sides, but we’ve had some amazing apprentices over the past few years - joining as individuals who are now very important members of our team. Take Thomas for example; he has been with us for 6 months. He started with providing basic support for our customers, growing to giving more technical support and now with more experience and some guidance from us is working on full website projects! Click here to read his story.
This year will also bring us the opportunity to work with a great charity who bring maths support to primary school children – particularly in disadvantaged areas. The charity offers tutoring, maths equipment and packs and aims to bring maths to life for our younger generation. We are excited to be involved in this. In our view, in a technically driven, fast paced world – maths has never been more important.
Positivity, forward thinking and helping others definitely feels like our theme for 2015.
We wish you all the very best of years.

January 2015