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Root and Branch Websites - Olamalu, Web Technology Experts
Root and Branch Websites - Olamalu, Web Technology Experts

Root and Branch is the name of our most popular and flexible website. It can evolve over time as your business grows (from a root to a branch and indeed many branches!).

The flexibility of the technology is endless and is great for those of you who need to display lots of imagery or who need search functionality. You can link the site to Facebook, Twitter and other social media channels, there's flexible navigation, the ability to set up blogs and newsletters and much more. The site uses cutting edge technology so will display perfectly on all mobile devices (tablets, mobile phones etc) – really important for today’s ‘browsing on the move’ customer.

You don’t need to worry about doing it all at once – you can add on functionality as your business and budget expands and using the Drupal platform, you know that it is always secure at the back end.

Grow Your Own - the tailor-made website.

For businesses who have specific functionality in mind we offer our ‘Grow Your Own’ service. We will spend time understanding the objectives of your website and look at technical solutions to make these work best.  We look to creatively make use of existing functionality - this enables us to make the most of the power of the open-source community, and it keeps your costs down. If you need something that's not available, we use our programming expertise to build it for you.

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