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About Olamalu - Web Technology Experts
About Olamalu - Web Technology Experts

Olamalu are a friendly team of web technology experts based in West Oxfordshire.

After years of experience in the corporate world, we decided we wanted to bring our own technology vision to life so we started our business in 2009. Our passion is giving businesses the website they need – one that is flexible and can evolve as they do. We are Drupal experts and pride ourselves on our experience, dedication and reliability to deliver a website that not only looks great from the front, but is watertight at the back end.

Our clients are small, medium and large. We can build simple or very complex websites - all with two things in common: they look great from the front and are watertight at the back

Our clients are small, medium and large. They come from the local community and charity sectors, from academia – (we’ve done lots of websites for colleges at both University of Oxford and University of Cambridge) and the financial, legal and engineering/construction sectors. We can build simple websites or very complex websites – whatever the requirement of the project and the budget.