Who you gonna’ call?

How best to bust those website niggles.

You’re excited. You’ve got your website launched. Your organisation is on display for the world to see. Then, a few weeks in you get stuck. You can’t remember how to upload a new blog, or to change a photo or a price on something. You feel a bit annoyed at yourself that you can’t just fix it. It’s not something you have time to spend on but you need to get it sorted. What do you do?

This is a problem that nearly all organisations will face at some point. You will get stuck at times; your website may throw up things you don’t know what to do with or your needs change and you need to reflect this in the website. Your website is a living breathing thing and should be updated regularly but if you can’t remember how, it can feel like a dead end. There is nowhere to go. Who you gonna’ call?

This is where Olamalu customers have an advantage – they call us! If we build and host your website, we give you training on how to use it, before it even launches. Then, once it’s live, we don’t just move on and let you get on with it. We will hold your hand through the life-time of your website. We really are there for the long-term and can offer a customer support service to meet your needs so that you never feel stuck at a dead end.

"Olamalu are quick and responsive to our queries – and sympathetic if we don’t ‘get it’”

We offer all our customers a basic ‘niggle’ level of support where you can phone or email us and we will answer your queries and fix the niggles. We’ll never make you feel stupid – technology is our thing, it doesn’t need to be yours.

For customers who are looking for something more regular, we offer support packages in blocks of 10 hours. Lots of organisations find this handy. They pre-purchase the support time and relax in the knowledge that there is enough time there to enjoy regular support – this could be a mixture of regular “how do I do this” questions to more serious development work to evolve their website. By purchasing in advance, our customers can manage their budgets and enjoy peace of mind. We’ll even step in and help our customers plan how they use those 10 hours so that they squeeze out the most from every hour.

So, if you are looking for a website but don’t want to be left in the dark once it’s built, give us a call.

Olamalu are friendly, organised, and very easy to work with”

We are here to hold your hand for the long term.

January 2017