Solving unique business challenges – yes we can!

One of things we love most is solving a challenge. A problem that at first may feel like you’ve lost the end of the Christmas tree lights – the deeper you get, the more muddled you end up. Put into a business context, these problems can sometimes be one of a kind and are the type of problem that we love to solve with technology.


Let’s take NAG – The Numerical Algorithms Group. They offer top end algorithmic services for critical business and research applications. They needed to display a technical library of information logically with a way of customers being able to set up their own searches and quickly access what they needed. This was a unique challenge in amongst what could be quite complex information searches. Using our experience and expertise in Drupal and the search engine ApacheSolr, we tried and tested different ways of solving the issue before presenting an option with which NAG could achieve what they wanted. The result is a slick and easy to navigate website with great search functionality


For My Barrister, an online matchmaking service between clients and barristers, the challenge was indeed unique. They wanted to build a website which presented the data that customers were looking for as well as integrating this into the back office systems to manage customer relationships. This was a site which needed to satisfy the customer ‘now’ and the business for ‘the future’.

We took on this challenge and presented a portal on which Barristers can present their skills to the world, and where clients can find the exact legal expert they need

This is a search driven website to help clients identify which legal area their particular issues falls in and find Barristers to help. It’s fast and easy and most importantly feeds back imto their CRM system, which we custom built for them.


Soon to be released is a website for a well-established and highly respected wine importer. They source high quality and often innovative wines from around the world and supply them to the on-trade.

They needed to build a website which would serve as an important information tool for their clients. They needed to be able to filter regions, grapes, years and other wine related data – all pulled from a back end system – with results displayed beautifully at the front end for the client. With a wine list of 900 this was no easy feat! With our Drupal hats on and years of experience under our belts we set to work and developed exactly what they were looking for. Working with their designers, we have built a stylish and beautiful site which reflects their history and expertise in the field of wine but is also an effective information tool with complex search ability to satisfy their client’s needs.


Young Lives – Young Lives is an international study of childhood poverty following the lives of 12,000 children around the world over 15 years. They had a complex and unique challenge to solve. With research projects in multiple countries, they needed a way of feeding relevant information onto a country specific website. Research that is relevant to a particular country needs to be syndicated from the main website onto the country website. This applied to other content like news and blogs too – some things were relevant en mass and others needed to be filtered to display on the websites of particular countries only. When a piece of content is updated on the main website, the country sites need to. Technology is get updated too. Another brain teaser for Olamalu! So we set about working through the challenge. Trialing, testing, researching ways to solve it. We were proud to unveil the end result. A website with the ability to filter and serve information in a selective manner giving our client complete control and flexibility over their global content strategy.


Our experience, Drupal expertise and calm, logical approach makes us whizz kids at solving the most complex of business challenges with technology. If you’d like to chat to us about a problem that’s bothering your business - get in touch.

March 2017