Solve a unique business challenge with web technology

Websites must look beautiful and be easy to navigate for the sake of your visitors. They must also help you achieve your business goals, whether that is providing functionality to your customers or streamlining your internal processes. That’s where tailormade functionality comes into play.

Tailormade websites have a specific business purpose to meet and often present us with some pretty complex (but fun!) technical challenges to overcome. Their job is to provide some ‘brains’ behind a business process but as with all of our websites must also look beautiful from a design perspective and be easy to navigate. Brains and beauty is the winning formula in the world of websites!


Peterhouse College at Cambridge came to us recently with a requirement to build a site that needed to include integrated workflow ability. This functionality enabled them to hold an essay competition for hundreds of six formers and all aspects of the task were streamlined through a process on the website.


Workflow functionality also came into play with a brief we received from Corpus Christi College also at Cambridge. They needed an automated resource booking service on their website freeing both human admin time and increasing efficiency for users. We're in the process of building them a custom module that integrates seamlessly with their new Drupal website.


Geo-mapping functionality is becoming an increasingly popular request in our Grow Your Own websites. Our client MondaytoFriday is a business who advertises rooms for professionals to rent during the working week. Their whole business function relies on giving a customer the ability to input a postcode or a place and find property results mapped out in their desired location. Similarly, MyBarrister an online barrister finding service relies on geo-mapping the results for clients looking for a barrister in a particular geographic area, all housed within a custom built CRM system.


So if you have a specific function in mind for your website and need technical expertise to build the brains into an automated process – give us a call.

May 2016