Process digitisation – identify, fix, repeat.

Process digitisation is automating a process and making it more efficient and user friendly – delighting you customer along the way.

It’s also a way to overcome challenges within your organisation and solve them with technology. It’s what we at Olamalu do best and the satisfaction for both us, and our client when the end result is very much ‘a problem solved’ is more gratifying than we can ever describe.


However, there is a belief that process digitisation is reserved only for large scale problems. For example, replacing the entire way that finance is managed and reported in a company with a new system. Or, introducing a robotic solution to a currently all human production line. These are examples of where process digitisation does indeed help and in the long term can bring about huge advantages in terms of cost and efficiency, but process digitisation doesn’t have to be large scale – it can help solve challenges of all sizes and more importantly, doesn’t have to be done in one go.


A great example of doing things bit by bit over time is the work we’ve been doing with one of the colleges at the University of Oxford. Our first project was to solve their need to better manage online documents on their intranet. Through identifying what their challenges were, getting to know them as an organisation and pairing this with our technical abilities, we were able to build them a solution which allowed the correct levels of access to documents by user on their website – all delivered in a user friendly and secure way. This relatively small project helped drive efficiency into a business process which was causing them a headache.


Our next project was to help them to better manage when students were in their rooms (in halls of residence) and when they had checked out, so that the room could be used for other purposes. The current check in, check out system was manual and limiting and causing the college a real headache. Instead, we pulled together a bespoke digital solution which was simple but slick and really had a positive impact on them as an organisation as it allowed the system to interlink with other parts of the college.


This approach of bit by bit, identifying the things that are really painful in their organisation and solving them through bespoke technical solutions is a great way of utilising process digitisation. Identify, fix repeat. It’s definitely been a winning formula for this customer.


If your business has a headache which needs solving, get in contact with us. We’d love to help.

November 2019