Process digitisation – delight your customer

Digital technology gives you the opportunity to improve how customers are served.

In today’s world, consumers expect to be able to transact with the organisations in their world digitally. They want less face time, more control and interaction on their terms - when and where is up to them. Efficiency is key.


This is not just at the point of service, but includes the internal operations that support delivering that service. Serving them well will delight them. A delighted customer will become a loyal customer and an advocate of you as an organisation.


Going digital to quote McKinsey is “less a thing and more a way of doing things”. It requires looking at the way you operate and at how customer behaviours and expectations are changing.


But going ‘digital’ isn’t something just reserved for huge organisations, it’s something which all businesses – however small, can and should do.


The emergence of digital process automation as a business priority is being driven by the need to become more customer-focused and responsive. Customers’ expectations of service are evolving, and their expectation is for a responsive service at all times.


Digital processes can enable the organisation to be more agile. Changes can be introduced quickly, tested and adapted based on user feedback. Delivering tangible results fast makes it easier to gain buy-in.


The good news is that today’s technology supports this approach. The web is an enabler, giving you an accessible and familiar common interface for all your processes. Digital products and services can be released quickly to end users using web-based applications. Meanwhile, back-end systems remain in place, ensuring stability.


How has digital process automation changed how we live?

Think about your own life and what actions you undertake through digital processes every day. Banking, online shopping, booking a table at your favourite restaurant, renewing your library books, booking a doctors appt… the digitisation of process which were all manual not so long ago has freed up time, allowed us to fit more into our day – driven efficiencies into our lives by enabling us all to squeeze more from every moment, or free up more time to do things we really enjoy…


Have you reviewed your business processes lately? Is there a way to digitise and automate to help better serve and delight your customers?


Maybe we can help…




October 2019