Our take on tech

Here at Olamalu, we’re a friendly team of tech experts, spending our days helping organisations of all shapes and sizes to do what they do even better, through the technical solutions we create and build for them. But what’s our take on tech as individuals? What’s our favourite thing about working in the industry and what are the technical ‘inventions’ that we love having in our lives? Here, we take some time to reflect and talk about what tech means to us.

George, Designer

I really enjoy working with clients who have a challenging brief for us. I like to take a problem and work out how the solution needs to work best, both visually and functionally. I take pride in using my design skills and experience to come up with something which is really usable, but also a pleasing experience for the user.

My favourite ‘tech’ invention is the Adobe suite of design tools. They are critical to my job but also really enjoyable to use.

Will, Project Manager

My favourite thing about working in this industry is being able to offer solutions that really help other people and their businesses. Technology can offer people benefits they don’t even realise they can have.

Video Conferencing is my favourite technical development.  It’s allowed everyone so much more flexibility in their working lives, saves time and can help to reduce misinterpretations that can occur through email.

Callum, Developer

Working in technology gives me new challenges, because it’s constantly changing.  It never feels stale and I really enjoy being able to work independently. 

Wayze is a real-time mapping app which has really improved my life. It helps to cut time off my commute to work by keeping me up to date with the traffic along my route and suggesting a new way if there are issues.

Erika, Support Manager

I really enjoy learning what’s possible with technology and the fact that in the pandemic, we were able to quickly adapt and switch everything we do to a remote offering without compromising anything.

My favourite technological development is the ability to ‘bring everything you need’ with you via your mobile.  It’s incredible when you think about how much of your life and your interests you can bring with you in a small, pocket sized device!

Niall, Developer

I love the fact that working in technology means that my work is always changing. There are always new challenges and new nuggets of cutting-edge tech to discover, which can then be integrated into projects to make the solution even better.  

My favourite piece of tech is also video conferencing, but I’m also really impressed with the benefits of internal comms apps such as Google Hangouts or Discord.  They really allow for flexibility in team work and enable instant feedback to keep projects moving and progressing.

Harrison, Developer

Working in technology means constant evolution.  There is always development, something new to learn and discover and that’s exciting.

My current favourite tech invention is GreenSock, a programme which enables animation and movement of text within a web page and can give some really interesting results.

Jamie, Developer

I find that working in tech is fast paced, there’s always something new to learn and figure out - it’s not just the same old thing week in week out, which is motivating and keeps things interesting.

Voi, which was founded in Stockholm, is my current favourite app.  It allows you to rent a Voi e-scooter or e-bike with the tap of your phone and get around a city quickly.

James, Developer

The best thing about working in the tech industry is the opportunity to learn new things and try out cutting edge solutions ahead of other people.  

My favourite tech invention is definitely Spotify. Being able to listen to any music, anywhere at any time, through your phone is just brilliant.

November 2022