New season, time to raise your game?

We’re nicely settled into Autumn, Christmas is around the corner and a fresh new year is in sight. How do you feel your business is operating? Do you feel on top of your game? Are you able to maximise every opportunity that comes your way? Are you fulfilling your business objectives? Are you set up for the growth that you crave? If not, now could be the perfect time to set aside some time to review some key areas. Here are 3 questions you could ask yourself to help kickstart some serious business reflection:

1. How manual are your processes and do they need to be?

We come across lots of organisations who are still heavily reliant on aspects of manual process to fulfil key parts of their business outputs. There are many different reasons behind this but for the majority, it’s a case of the manual systems feeling too complex to do any other way. Often, it’s a case of bringing in experts to look at how things are currently working and allowing them to help you to come up with a tech solution. We’ve built tailormade technology for a wide range of organisations to automate such processes, allowing things to run more smoothly and simply. The benefits include the freeing up of manual resource, thus allowing diversion of focus and energy to other areas.

Are their processes in your organisation which are run manually? How long do they take to complete? What impact does this manual aspect have on the rest of the business? Is it holding back the opportunity to information share and transcend one step into another such as stock systems or build a better picture of your customers? Are your manual processes holding back your business from growth?

2. Are your communications joined up?

SME’s have so many things to manage, it’s easy to miss out joining communications together to maximise their strength. Are you clear on the overall key messages for your business? Do you have a segmented approach to targeting different audiences B2B or B2C? Do your communications look joined up through the line? Does your communication and design look and feel reflect how you behave with your customers? These are part of the key ingredients to building a strong brand and optimising the clarity of the business benefits that you want to convey to your existing and future customers.

3. Is your website supporting your people?

Websites by their nature are outward facing, but they can also work brilliantly for your internal systems. The COVID-19 pandemic sent us all working from home and many organisations used this time to develop intranets to support their people during this time. Since then, many of us have evolved our businesses to a hybrid model making intranets more useful than ever. Does your business have an intranet? Do you operate a hybrid model of working? If you don’t have one, would you benefit from an intranet to allow your people to access important internal documents, share information with colleagues and undertake business functions such as room booking, ordering catering, booking holiday, courses and accessing learning development materials and more? Intranets can drive efficiency from the office and at home and ensure that everyone keeps up to date with the latest news and information about your organisation and has the opportunity to self-manage key aspects of work.

Can we help you to raise your game?

If you are frustrated with the manual processes that exist in your business, or you can see the positive impact an intranet would have or your communications are out of kilter, we could help.

Who are we?

We are Olamalu, Drupal experts and experienced web developers. We’re a friendly and down to earth team based in West Oxfordshire, who work together to achieve brilliant outcomes. We’ve been building websites and designing tailormade tech solutions including apps for a huge range of different challenges for over 10 years. We work alongside clients and really get under the skin of the business, understanding not just what is needed now, but also how to plan ahead and consider the business needs in the future.

October 2022