In with the new…

We started 2015 with positive thoughts, and I’m pleased to report that these are still with us one month in!

Like many businesses, the start of the new calendar year has led us to doing lots of strategic business planning sessions with our team. These sessions have been fruitful for us in determining our goals and objectives for the year - a whole team approach is really important to us. Technology is our passion, and we are keen to stay at the top of our game, so, amongst other things, we have developed a team plan for technical training, skill enhancements and a continued drive towards delivering excellence in customer service.
This month we're also working hard on the launch of our own new website. We have been working hard to update our site to reflect our business as it has evolved.
When we first launched Olamalu, we focused solely on building great websites for our customers. This hasn’t changed, but, over the last couple of years, we have had the opportunity to flex our broader technological expertise through the demand for our consultancy services too. Expertise in the technological arena has always been important for us and is the nuts and bolts behind our successful websites. However the demand for pure consultancy has increased rapidly,  hence the need for us to reflect this in the positioning of our business and through our communications such as our own website. So, look out soon for our shiny new website!
Driving forward, enhancing the business and keeping on top of technological advancements are important areas for all businesses.
If you need any technological help, advice, recommendations or a new website please don’t hesitate to contact us. Working to your budget we can take on little bites or big chunks and are always happy to make things better for you.
Here's to a great 2015!
Team Olamalu.

February 2015