How to create content that dances!

We’ve recently discussed the need for a website which ‘sings’ with good content, now we now move on to exploring how to make this content interesting, how to bring it alive and deliver it in a way that entertains and delights the user.


With this new age of constant updates has come a need to deliver content in an interesting way. The more we are bombarded with messages, the greater the need for these messages to stand out, break through the crowds and resonate with our customers.


As humans, we naturally switch off if we are presented with an overload of information or messages that don’t engage us. To overcome this, websites need to work harder than ever before. Welcome to the arrival of sites and apps which use sound, animation and video to deliver engaging content.


Here, we give some of our favourite examples of websites through a range of different sectors:


Oat the goat 

The Bullying Free New Zealand campaign wanted to deliver an anti bullying message primarily to younger children, but also parents. With the primary audience in mind, what better way to deliver this message than through a digital channel? It’s a well thought through messaging matrix with a clear strategy and beautifully executed. The site is completely animated and has great music and sounds to entertain its younger audience. It cleverly keeps the user engaged throughout by asking for their participation in the story by asking them to choose an answer to various scenarios. Each different scene also requires the user to click to move on to the next part of the animation – allowing different reading speeds to be catered for, as well as ensuring the user stays present.

It’s a brilliant website and showcases the full scope of what can be achieved through great graphics, design, sound and animation.


Every last drop

Every last drop is an interactive and animated website commissioned by Waterwise to highlight the importance of water saving. It’s a light and entertaining site which is 100% animated - it’s the design and use of animation which allows it to carry hard hitting stats without turning off or overwhelming the user.


Pathways Commission

The Pathways Commission provides hard evidence to help developing country governments navigate their digital pathways - enabling them to take control and chart their own pathways for prosperity. The logo is subtly animated throughout this website which adds some interest and lightens the content.


If you need help building a website with sparkle, get in contact with us. We are a friendly, down to earth team of web experts.



August 2019