Giving and receiving joy

As we head towards the Christmas festivities, we’d like to take a moment to reflect on our year.2019 has been another busy year at Olamalu – and like any small business, we are really thankful for that. This year has been focused on 3 areas:

Looking after out customers

once we’ve delivered a project, we don’t allow our customers to feel that they are out on their own. We stay close for the first few weeks, helping them to bed in any new technology. Then, we remain in the background, always there in case they need us, through our helpline and our range of customer support packages to suit all needs and budgets. We've helped many of our customers this year with website enhancements large and small.

Solving new challenges

whether it’s creating a strong digital presence for a business through building a new website, developing a slick intranet with multiple access control, helping an organisation to digitise its processes, solving a unique business challenge or offering consultancy to help shape the strategic technical direction of a company. Our experience and expertise means we are flexible and agile enough to work on projects of all shapes and sizes – from micro businesses through to large complex organisations.

Working with our community

we strongly believe in giving back to both the social and business community in which we live and work. We were part of the initial organising committee, helping to establish the West Oxfordshire Business Awards 10 years ago. Now we are an ongoing part of delivering the awards every year. We are passionate about offering opportunities to learn and grow for future developers so we work with West Oxfordshire schools and Abingdon and Witney College to offer work placements in our business as well as providing a pathway into careers via our ongoing Apprentice Programme. Continuing the theme of opportunity, we give our time to help school students prepare for the world of work, by participating in a range of careers events, and volunteer with the Careers and Enterprise Company, as an Enterprise Advisor to Burford School. We also work with the Oxfordshire Local Enterprise Partnership as part of the Skills Advisory Panel.

It’s taken us time and experience to shape our business, to realise our purpose and to push our energies into the things that really matter to us. These three areas are the main pillars of our year, and - in the spirit of Christmas - the things to which we (hopefully!) give joy and is certainly where we receive it.

2020 will be more of the same and to add in a bit more joy - we’ll be celebrating our 10th birthday.

For now, we wish you all a very merry Christmas and a joyful new year.

December 2019