The enormous value of easy to access technical support

Offering our customers the nice warm blanket of ongoing technical support. Whether you've got a quick question or a complex technical request, our support team is there to help.


At Olamalu we are proud to look after our customers for the long haul. We’re not in the practice of building a website, sending an invoice and moving on to the next project. It’s just not our style.


We understand that for many customers, their website going live is very much the start of a story. A few months in, things can change. Successful businesses evolve, customer needs dictate changes to processes and service offerings and naturally this impacts the website. Equally, things can sometimes break or website owners get stuck on how to do a particular task with their site. At times like this, our customers call us, explain the issue and we step in with our support service.


It’s a simple service, which works in one of two ways.

  1. Customers can pay for support by the hour as and when they need it.

  2. Or, they buy a package of 10 hours upfront. This is a slightly more cost efficient way of buying support time and gives peace of mind that it’s there when it’s needed.


The simple bit is that the support time is a flat charge regardless of how simple or technical the request is. It’s just the time it takes to complete the task that will differ.


It’s important to us that customers feel they are not alone once their website is launched. A good website is an important business tool for the long term. Used effectively it can literally make a business reach the top of its game.


So, we are here for our customers. Launching the best Drupal websites on the market and then wrapping them in a comfort blanket of support whenever they need us.


If you’d like to learn more about our support services, please contact us.


March 2016