Does your website support your organisation’s objectives for 2024?

It’s 2024! Happy New Year! The start of the new year is always a good time to get good intentions and positive action in place in our personal lives but also at work.

Clear intentions are important

Have you mapped out your organisation’s objectives for this year? If not, now is a good time to sit down and establish what you want your organisation to achieve this year and indeed the next 2-3 years. As part of this exercise, it’s useful to review whether your internal processes and outward-facing channels will support your goals – this of course includes your website.

How can your website support your organisation’s objectives?

Your website is an asset and when used strategically, it can play a key role in supporting your organisational objectives. But how?

Interact anytime, anywhere: your website can keep your organisation open 24 hours a day, enabling your target audience to interact with you at a time of day that suits them and from anywhere. You can give people information about what you offer, allow them to learn more about you through case studies, testimonials and video and enable them to book appointments, make transactions and much more.

  • Does your current website serve your customers what they need at any time of day from anywhere?

Creating a presence for your brand: Your website is an environment where you can completely control the customer experience and bring alive marketing activity from non-digital channels. Through your website, you can create a wonderful journey using a well-thought-through design and slick functionality to support information seekers as well as those who want to transact with you.

  • Does your current website support your brand? Does it enhance messages from your non-digital channels?  What’s the customer journey like through your website? Does it reflect what you are trying to achieve as an organisation?


A hub for content: Your website can act as a hub from which you push out useful content to your target audience as well as pull in potential customers via other communication channels such as social media.

  • Do you use your website as a hub? Do you drive traffic to your site via other channels?


Joining up processes: Websites can provide a brilliant opportunity to join up different processes in your organisation – for example, room bookings can feed into an event calendar and even a catering database and staff rota. Information sharing, bookings and transactional processes can all be automated through your website and access controls can be determined to ensure that the correct access is given to the right individual. 

  • Can your website play a bigger role in your organisation?


We hope we’ve given you some food for thought and to help you consider how your website can support your organisation’s goals for 2024. 

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