December 2022 and a look back on our year

It’s hard to believe that December is here once again! As is our annual tradition, we like to use this month’s blog as a light reflection of our year before we close for the festive period.

As January 2022 began, the world was very much still in the dark depths of the covid pandemic. We, like many other organisations had already established a successful hybrid working model, allowing the team flexibility to enjoy both worlds of working at home and in the office. At this time, we were still feeling the joy of being able to meet clients, suppliers and local businesses face to face, and getting the team together for training and collaboration felt like such a bonus after what felt like a long time apart.

So, what were the highlights of 2022 for us? In talking to the team, we made an important observation. Whether the year is disrupted by covid, or seemingly ‘back to normal’ the things that positively stand out for us don’t actually change and can be summed up in 4 areas:


At Olamalu, we all love to learn. The technology industry is a fast-changing, quick evolution environment and conducive to continual learning. Our team thrives on learning new things whether it’s a new piece of tech, tools to help them to manage their jobs better, or pursuing new personal interests. Learning is an important and continual thread through every single year.


We are a team and enjoy working together to achieve brilliant outcomes. This year we’re proud to have worked on a wide range of projects, developing technical solutions to a host of different organisational challenges. We’ve also really enjoyed working with the extended teams in our world which include our clients and their various teams and departments and carefully chosen suppliers who come in to coach us or offer specialist services to our business. We also enjoy collaborating with the local community in which we work…which leads us onto our next area.

Supporting others

It’s important to us that Olamalu is part of something bigger, giving back to the community in which it exists. We sponsor causes close to our hearts, get actively involved in setting up and running local partnerships where we share knowledge and experience with like-minded organisations and we create opportunities for young people to gain a valuable insight into the tech industry through the work experience and apprenticeship schemes we’ve created. This year, we’ve thrown ourselves back into everything that we support and the causes we are part of and it’s been a joy to be able to make a difference once again.

Looking forward

The tech industry in future focused and so are we. We are continually working on better, more efficient ways to run our internal process, work together and deliver the very best outcomes for our clients. Our north star is clear to us and we keep striving forward to reach it.

So as the festive season falls upon us, we will be quietly closing the door to our office. Grateful that we were back in there this year, back as a team and doing what we love. Reflection is an important part of moving forward into a new year and we hope that you can take some time to do the same. Wishing you a joyful festive period and a very happy New Year.

See you in 2023.

Team Olamalu


December 2022