Are you making the best use of your website during lockdown?

As the weeks of lockdown continue, now could be a great time to spend some focused time reflecting on your organisation’s website. It’s very difficult to prioritise a website in the noise of a normal day, so now could be a golden opportunity to use some quiet time to plan and make changes to ensure you are making the best use your site.

To help get you started, we’ve pulled together some important questions to ask yourself when reflecting on your website:


  • What do you want your website to do? What’s its purpose and does it fulfil that purpose?
  • Does your current website fit with your business objectives? Have things changed since you built it? You may have been focusing on a particular product or service in your business when you first launched your site and perhaps things have moved on?
  • Are you optimising the capability of your website? This goes back to purpose. For instance, do you, or want to, use it to recruit new customers? Does it, or could it help to drive efficiency into the business by providing a function online which is otherwise run by a person e.g bookings, FAQ’s, customer actions which could be self-led?
  • Do you optimise your searchability through rich content? We know that Google favours sites who keep their content rich and fresh. Blogs and articles can really help with this. Customers deserve to be led to the most informative and useful sites and Google recognises this.
  • Is the design of the site in line with your brand? We often refer to a website as the shop window to your business. You are letting a customer into your world and your brand should shine through in the design, layout, content and functionality of your website.
  • Put yourself in your customer’s shoes, how does the site feel to navigate? Is it easy to understand how to progress through your site? Is it easy to find things? Is it a pleasure to be on your site?
  • Is the content up to date? Are you missing anything important? Are you displaying things which aren’t important?
  • Last, but by no means least - do you have a clear process for ensuring the security on your site is at its optimum?


We appreciate that these could feel like big questions to answer. If you are struggling, we’d be more than happy to help. We’re Olamalu, a team of friendly tech experts with years of experience under our belts. We work with a large range of different organisations and love nothing more than using technology to help people to transform their businesses. Get in touch.

May 2020