Advancement through technology

Happy New Year everyone! Welcome to our very first blog post of the year. For Olamalu, 2016 certainly feels like an exciting year. We’ve been leafing through our business objectives and the theme of advancement certainly features throughout.

For ardent techies, Drupal 8 (the core was released at the end of 2015) will continue to evolve and advance and through the wonderful world of open source, will be made available later this year for developers to use. However, this does mean that Drupal 6 will cease to be supported after June this year. Some of our early customers still have websites built using Drupal 6. We’ve been in contact with many of you for whom this will affect and will continue to contact further customers throughout this month to discuss options.


This year, we are continuing to help advance the next generation and have just welcomed on board two new apprentices. We are passionate about offering opportunities for students to get real life experience as they study and will continue to include this as an important strand of our yearly business objectives.


In 2016, we are also offering opportunities for secondary school students to get some experience in the world of website development. We’ve teamed up with Wood Green school in Witney and are running a 3 week after school club which will take them through the major areas of web development and culminates in them building a simple website. We are hoping to attract some girls to the club to give them a taste of this exciting world of wide ranging career opportunities.


Our customers appear to be planning a year of advancement too. We’ve already had several briefs for microsites, which is very exciting. Microsites are targeted sites built to house and cater for a specific project, an event, a course booking or as an information hub. They can be short term or built for the long term. Give us a call if you’d like more information on how your business could benefit from a microsite, or if you have a microsite in mind that you’d like to discuss.


Here’s to a year of advancement for all of us.


The Team at Olamalu

January 2016