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Tree Surgery - Drupal and Web Consulting  - Olamalu, Web Technology Experts
Tree Surgery - Drupal and Web Consulting - Olamalu, Web Technology Experts

Tree Surgery is the name of our consultancy offering. We offer consultancy on all things web and technology related with a particular focus on Drupal.

From building websites or intranets which integrate with other systems to developing new functionality - we are technology experts with the ability to solve even the most complex of issues. We are flexible in our approach and can work with you on bite size or more meaty projects.

Some examples of the types of consultancy we have recently undertaken are:

System Architecture

We are able to help you devise the right architecture for any web-related requirements:

  • We worked with Trinity college, Cambridge solving how to best to architect their web-based operational systems.
  • For MyBarrister we constructed the architecture for a CRM system that needed to integrate with existing web assets.


Bespoke functionality

We can build bespoke functionality outside of your normal website requirements.

  • For both University of Cambridge and University of Oxford colleges: we built room booking, exeat management & dinner booking facilities, integrating this bespoke functionality into their intranets.
  • We worked with Said Business School at The University of Oxford to enable them to manage complex groups for access control and online interaction.


Building intranet solutions and integrating with single-sign on authentication systems

  • This is something we did for The University of Oxford colleges: Merton and Univ.
  • And for the University of Cambridge colleges: Trinity, Christs, Fitzwilliam and Peterhouse.


Building syndicated content systems to manage multiple websites

  • For Buttermountain, a company who build websites for MPs, we developed a platform for building multiple sites. This enabled them to develop numerous websites using the same set up and structure but adapting the look of each one.
  • We did a similar thing for the Dunn School of Pathology, University of Oxford. Building them a platform from which they can then build multiple sites for different research groups.


Helping internal teams develop their development processes

  • For Trinity College, Cambridge we trained an internal IT team on building Drupal modules and implementing development best practices.
  • Fitzwilliam College, Cambridge we developed and built a website jointly with an internal developer whom we trained. We also helped them with best practice code management using Git version control and Vagrant virtual machines.


Server management, Linux sys admin and integrating with other software services

  • For the University of Oxford Alumni we run Varnish advanced caching to enhance website performance.
  • Working with Christs College, Cambridge we implemented Shibboleth integration with the University of Cambridge authentication system.


Implementing systems that supplement websites

  • For the charities Peeple and The Society of International Development we implemented a CiviCRM system. This enabled the charities to overcome some of the complexities that come with managing their membership bases such as global members, different membership levels which determine different logins and access areas, integration, control and managing profiles.

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We are flexible in the way that we work and can work with you on any size of project. We love a technology challenge. Give us a call to discuss yours!