Supporting our community

We strongly believe in supporting the community in which we live and run our business. We have forged strong links with different parts of the community and support them in a variety of ways:


Cogges Farm is rich in history – it appears in the Domesday Book of 1086, and the manor house dates back to the 13th Century. Run by the Cogges Heritage Trust and supported by the National Lottery Heritage fund, Cogges is an important part of the Witney community. Its profile has heightened thanks to various TV film companies using the farm as a location for period dramas including Downton Abbey.

Olamalu built and host the Cogges Farm website and are very supportive of their presence in our community.

Quest for Learning is an educational charity that aims to inspire young minds struggling with literacy and numeracy. For more than 20 years, this charity has been working in some of the most disadvantaged areas of Oxfordshire. With a proven programme with children making over a year's worth of progress in just six weeks, this charity is transforming young lives and giving them the confidence to learn and achieve.

Olamalu built and host the Quest for Learning website and are proud to also have a team member serve as a trustee.

Oxford Preservation Trust is best known locally as the organisers of the wonderful Oxford Open Doors event. The charity works tirelessly to promote design excellence, by conserving the best of Oxford's heritage and celebrating the best of the new via the annual OPT awards. Its work helps to keep Oxford a beautiful and accessible, protecting the rural character of Oxford as well as its glorious architecture.

Olamalu built and host the Oxford Preservation Trust website and providing ongoing support as a corporate member.



The West Oxfordshire Business Awards (WOBA) celebrates the achievements and successes of local businesses. Olamalu was a founding member and continues to play an active role on the organising committee.


The next generation

Olamalu are passionate about giving time and opportunities to the next generation. A key part of our recruitment strategy is employing young people, training them in the skills they need and and giving them the opportunity to learn and flourish in our business.

We support local young people by providing a yearly apprenticeship scheme, offering students on the job training, which supports and re-enforces their valuable studies, and by taking students for work experience placements. We also offer our time and insights at local careers events to help guide and inspire students interested in the technology industry.

We are keen to help to establish greater links between businesses and schools and give young people access to quality careers advice. One of our team volunteers as an Enterprise Adviser with Burford School and also sits on the Oxfordshire Skills Board.



Where we need to use suppliers, we actively reach out to local businesses and have great contacts with designers, marketing and PR consultants, printers, photographers, catering companies, florists and many more. Where we can promote business for other companies we do so and have actively recommended the suppliers we use.