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A round-up of all our GDPR related articles and resources.

GDPR Overview

Our GDPR blogs address the key areas that we think our customers need to be aware of.

GDPR. Excuse me, what did you say?

GDPR. No, it’s not a word in another language! You may have already heard the term but not quite fully understood what it was? If so, here’s a quick introduction to the General Data Protection Regulation and what it means for you.

5 essential actions – A helpful GDPR website checklist

Following on from our introduction to GDPR , this checklist aims to help you get ready by laying out some specific actions to take in relation to your website.

GDPR. An opportunity to get cleaner, leaner and fighting fit!

GDPR governs personal data and our control over who uses our data and for what purpose. It tightens up the rules around contacting people, so use it as an opportunity to do a spring clean.

GDPR. Now’s the time to get on top of your website security

Website security is something that we can’t talk about enough. When you’ve got your site up and running, it’s the single most important website related area that you need to focus your energy on. GDPR requires you to put appropriate security in place.

GDPR. Have you got your ducks in a row?

We are creeping towards the launch of GDPR, the new regulation protecting personal data. This will have such a fundamental impact on all organisations that we need to be getting into the swing of things from now.

GDPR – and we’re off!

The GDPR rocket has launched. We are now in a world where we are much more in control of our personal data.


Specific GDPR Articles

Linked to our GDPR website checklist, here are some more details about the specific areas on your website that you need to think about.

GDPR & Privacy Notice

GDPR & cookies

GDPR & Collecting personal data via webforms & profiles

Web Security Tips


Frequently Asked Questions

Over the past months, we've been collecting the questions that you've come back with and gathered the answers to them in these FAQs.


GDPR & Your Website FAQ