Davey Law

Friendly, personal legal advice

The challenge
Davey Law are a firm of solicitors based in Cirencester. They are a forward thinking team with a clear vision of who they are and what they do. They wanted a website which highlighted the personal touch in their services and reflected their modern thinking and values.

Law can be considered a complicated area. The services need to be clearly defined so that potential customers visiting the website can quickly find what they are looking for. Law can also be seen as stuffy and uapproachable. Olamalu, working with Franks and Franks built a site which emphasised this friendly, human approach to legal services. It was important to communicate that a customer would deal directly with a real solicitor with no waiting in a call centre queue.

Our solution and the result
A bright and contemporary site, rich in colour and simple to navigate. Built around a block system, this site clearly navigates around three main areas of law – personal, family and business. Photographs of the team interwoven throughout the design emphasise the friendly and people focused approach of the firm.