Somerville College, Oxford

Somerville College, Oxford, isn’t afraid to go against the grain. It was founded in 1879 with a mission to include the excluded. It was created for women when universities refused them entry and for people of diverse beliefs when the establishment religion was widely demanded. Named after the famous Scottish mathematician and scientist Mary Somerville, its students represent the world and like its namesake, many of them go on to change the world. Somerville is known for being a welcome, inclusive and forward-thinking community - it’s one of the few Oxford colleges where students can walk on the grass!

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Attracting potential applicants involves understanding their journey and their experience

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Creating a website for an Oxford college who isn’t afraid to be different

We were delighted when we had the opportunity to build a dedicated website for potential applicants ( We approached the brief by creating a design which would immerse the user in the world of Somerville, enabling them to experience from the outset the values that make this such a special place to study and coupled it with information presented in a way which was a joy for the user to navigate.

We’re excited to be working on a new website for Somerville, one that will tell the story of this special college as 'A place where people walk on the grass'. Our objective is to showcase the Somerville experience, rooted in its unique history. Watch this space.

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