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Oxford Sparks is a portal for engaging with a wealth of exciting science taking place across Oxford University. The portal aims to inform, ignite a passion and support the learning and reporting of science for a number of audiences including parents, children, teachers and researchers.

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Our brief was to bring to life this brilliant resource in the form of a website.

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Sparking imaginations through science

Our brief was to bring to life this brilliant resource in the form of a website. The site needed to have the ability to display a wide range of content including videos, podcasts and animations as well as the high-quality teaching resources which accompanied each video and brought to life the profiles of scientists.


There was a vast amount and wide range of information to consider in the build, but for us the biggest challenge was navigation. A fine balancing act between presenting inspiring content, but not overwhelming the user the navigation needed to take the user around the site, but not be too instructional that it prohibited their own exciting journey of discovery. A site with such deep content also required a flexible content management system to support it, one that was easy to keep up to date and promote new content.


Since finishing the project, the Oxford Sparks website has grown as further content has been created, more research and researchers featured and more science questions answered. We've built an additional section called 'Just Add Imagination' which caters for parents with younger children to help inspire and introduce them to the range of creative and rewarding careers in science and maths. This has been brought to life with fun ‘do at home’ activities. There's also a 'Beyond Boundaries' section for an art competition inspired by some amazing scientific researchers, complete with a gallery of some impressive creations. 


We’re proud of the result. The finished site is a jewel box of scientific information and editorial - the kind of website where you find yourself drawn in to ever more fascinating information.


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