Numerical Algorithms Group

The Numerical Algorithms Group (NAG) was founded in 1970 as an inter-university collaboration of many globally renowned mathematicians.

This supergroup of minds developed the first mathematical software library which evolved to become the largest commercially available collection of high quality mathematical and statistical algorithms.

Close collaboration over many years
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Starting with Drupal hosting and support and resulting in a completely fresh website


Businesses need a web presence that aligns to their commercial goals

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Mobile responsive
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Helping users to navigate a site which is content rich and complex

NAG helps organisations to optimise their processes and to model and analyse large amounts of data, as well as providing support to supercomputing centres around the world.

Like our own, NAG's ethos remains collaborative and community focused. 

Our relationship with NAG started with a request for hosting and ongoing Drupal support. As we worked together, it became clear that the navigation through the NAG website was complex and resulted in visitors not always finding the information that they needed. A clear navigational path is vital in ensuring that a user’s experience is a positive one, but for businesses with complex and vast content, it can be tricky to deliver without the help of experts. This is the type of challenge that we rise to.

We set to work and redesigned the NAG website in 2016, introducing a bold design and established a tone of voice which reflected their brand identity. We worked closely with the NAG team to understand how to best position their deep expertise and clearly communicate their services on the web. This collaborative approach resulted in us agreeing that the website needed to present an industry centred view. This positioning, coupled with presenting the usual information that users expect to find on a site, enabled us to map out clear navigational paths. Visitors to the NAG website are presented with a journey which is enjoyable, but quick to access the information that is most relevant to them. 

All websites need to be updated every few years, so we’ve been working hard to update the NAG site with a box fresh design for 2020.

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