Sometimes it all feels like digital spaghetti!

Your business is ready for the next step. Maybe it’s a new website, or better back end systems? Or, you need to join up some processes to get everything moving more efficiently?

Whatever your technical challenge– it can feel overwhelming. Where do you start? Get it wrong, and it can be very expensive. When you look at the options available to you, it can feel all a bit like digital spaghetti!

We are Olamalu, technical web experts, and we love to tackle digital spaghetti! We excel in Drupal and have years of experience in providing realistic solutions to the most complex of problems. We are passionate about staying on top of the advancements in our industry and couple this ongoing new knowledge with our years of experience to implement the very best solutions for our clients.


We like to start our process with the human touch. We get to know our clients, understand their world and get under the skin of their challenges. We work across the client team, hold workshops and ensure that we really understand everything before we start to pull together a recommendation to get their business moving. All organisations are different, and we believe that this information gathering step is the one that really counts in enabling us to form realistic solutions.


However, what really sets us apart is that once the new technology has been installed, we don’t just leave for dust. We are there to help our clients with the niggles and the early settling in period. And once we are through the early days, we offer an ongoing support package where clients buy a certain number of hours of time up front and have our support whenever they need it.


So if you are looking for a new approach to technology, don’t get yourself in a tangle get in touch




August 2018