Bells and whistles

Looking for a technology partner can be a minefield.

If technology really isn’t your thing, you could even go as far to say that finding the right web team to help you bring to life your brand can be a nerve wracking experience as you struggle to keep up with the latest advancements in this ever changing picture.


We know this and pride ourselves on ensuring that we look after our clients from the outset. Despite our techy brains, we have a down to earth and friendly approach to doing business. We are the safe pair of hands looking after our client’s technological needs. We genuinely want to give our best to every client that we work with - we know the positive impact of delivering consistent, high quality technical solutions to some very complex business challenges. We see our clients push their businesses to that next level through our input – and that makes us very excited indeed!


So, let’s talk about the bells and the whistles. How do we maintain our expertise in an industry that feels like it’s constantly running a race? More importantly, how do our clients know that what we recommend is indeed the best thing for them? It can be a very confusing place to be. But not for us. For us, it’s down to three things: passion and experience and communication.


Every member of the Olamalu team is here because they have an in built passion for technology. They have a thirst to understand what’s happening in our industry, coupled with the ability to explore how this can be used in our real world. We take time each week to explore, test and pull apart every new ‘thing’ that lands on the techy horizon and decide for ourselves its benefits in our own slice of the technology world.


We run weekly training and discussion sessions to talk about our findings, to explore the blue sky and learn from one another as team. To see what we ourselves can develop with our knowledge, experience and understanding of this exciting industry. We see it as our responsibility to keep on top of our game and a very real need in our business.


We don’t take advancements lightly. Our quest to deliver the highest quality and most secure outputs overrides everything. We are not maverick in our approach. Instead we ensure that the newest and whizziest tech is tried, tested and implemented with care, consideration and with the long term in mind. If we don’t believe it’s a realistic solution for our clients (however celebrated it may be) then we don’t use it.


So, when you are looking for a new tech partner, yes, be wowed by their ability to deliver the ‘latest’ but be deeply impressed by their ability to deliver what you need with the highest level of quality and resilience assurance. If this box isn’t ticked, then it’s time to move on.




October 2018