Are your manual business processes causing you pain?

The past 18 months have seen organisations everywhere turn to technology to keep things running. Whilst websites have been the customer facing window to the world, intranets have been the inward facing information hub and video technology software has kept face to face communications in play.

Many of these solutions are staying in place, giving businesses the opportunity to evolve into a permanent at-home set up or hybrid model. Technology has changed the shape and set up of organisations in response to COVID, and created a more widespread mindset of using technology (whatever the size and nature of a business) to keep making things better.

Enabling businesses to function better through technology is something that really energises us. Looking at how businesses of all shapes and sizes can benefit from a technical solution to solve what can often be a frustrating, manual challenge. Organisations can simply get used to slow, complex and time-consuming processes, accepting the pain that they cause as to being ‘just how it is’. But this doesn’t need to be the case. Technology can hold the solution to making the day to day tasks in any organisation so much easier.

Customers often come to us with a slow and clunky administrative process – one that usually involves multiple people passing around information (usually via email) to facilitate a single request. Forms are often the customer’s first port of call as a better solution and are a step in the right direction, but they are never usually the final fix. When we start working with a client, we spend time in their organisation to fully understand the challenges and use our experience and expertise to figure out how to get the best results using a technical solution that fits their budget. There are different ways that we can solve a problem, and the best solution depends on the way the client operates, the timings and budget. For some, an overall project is the best approach. For others, a series of smaller projects completed over a longer time period is the best way to reach the desired outcome.

We are currently working with an Oxford college on a series of projects addressing some of their painful processes. One of these is their room booking set up, a process that is often manual and inefficient, involving many different stakeholders and causing frustration for everyone involved. We spent time understanding their needs and developed a solution that makes it easy to see what’s available and when, whilst ensuring that the right people have the necessary access and authority to see the information that is relevant to them and their role. It also ensures that individuals are not privy to information that isn’t relevant to them. As with all our solutions, we’ve thought about how the system can evolve over time and continue to meet the needs of the customer.

Need help? Do you have a painful administrative process that would make life in your organisation easier if it was fixed? Get in touch, we’d love to help.

November 2021